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Easily add multiple videos from any YouTube channel in just seconds. All the videos load as small thumbnails and link to a single video player, so it's nice and compact but extremely easy to use. You can use it for 3 videos or 30, it's up to you. The larger video plays back using AJAX, so there's no nasty page refreshes.

This add-on comes with 3 colour schemes - back, white and grey - or web designers can create their very own custom colour scheme (instructions are included).

Download from the Concrete5 Marketplace ($15)


  • Select ANY YouTube channel
  • Control the width of the block on the page
  • Select how many video clips to show initially (eg. 8)
  • Select from one of 3 colour schemes, or create your own (CSS knowledge required)
  • AJAX loading of additional thumbnails AND larger video for maximum speed
  • Supports multiple YouTube Channel blocks on the same page
  • NEW (1.0.4): 6 channel type options to choose from (including: uploads, favourites & playlists)
  • NEW (1.0.4): Turn related videos on or off after the video playback has finished
  • NEW (1.0.4): Optionally display the uploaded date next to each video (unlimited date formatting options)
  • NEW (1.1): Now supports iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) with alternative video embedding instead of Flash.


The channel name (username) is found in the top right corner of the channel page:


Alternatively, just look at the page URL. Here's an example URL:


The part of the URL after the "user/" is the username - in this case "c5extras".

The username should never contain spaces.


Example 1) Default black colour scheme with 8 videos shown.

Example 2) White colour scheme with 4 thumbnails PLUS upload date automatically displayed.

Example 3) Grey colour scheme with 12 thumbnails (don't be scared by the Japanese writing - it's videos from the C5 Japan crew).

Demonstration Video: