» Explode

This theme is perfect for a smart, sophisticated website. The full-screen background image smoothly fades as each page is selected. This can be easily changed using a custom page attribute. The background images are pre-loaded for fast, smooth animations.

The navigation menu is automatically generated and you can choose which pages appear using a custom page attribute.

All content is pre-loaded so there are no page refreshes. This makes it perfect for a content-sparse website with up to 6-7 pages.

The content of the static footer bar can be customised using a scrapbook item.

11 different styles you can customise including: logo colour, navigation background/text, heading colour and footer background colour.

Each content window has a "close" button (top right) which will cause the area to "explode" into tiny boxes. These are then re-assembled in a neat animation when the next page is navigated to. This is simply stunning!

Download from the Concrete5 Marketplace (Price: $30)


  • Full-screen background images which can be set on a page-by-page basis
  • 2 page types included: default, home
  • 11 customisable CSS elements
  • You can change the look and feel of the template quite significantly
  • Built-in scrollbar for content area
  • Google Web Fonts integration ('PT Sans Narrow' used for all text and 'Lobster' for headings)
  • Use of scrapbook items for "logo" and "footer links", with fallbacks if none available
  • Standard naming convention used for editable areas for easy application of theme to existing website


If you'd like to use "advanced" blocks on this theme that have external CSS/JS files, please download this free add-on, Autohead. Just add this block once to your home page and it will automatically include all the required CSS/JS files by "advanced" blocks (such as photo galleries, slideshows, etc).

To install, just download and extract the zip file. Upload it to your "packages" folder via FTP. Navigate to your Dashboard > Add Functionality, then install the Autohead add-on.

Live Demo

View a live demonstration by clicking the thumbnail below.


If you have a question about this theme, please make contact via the Concrete5 website.

See answers to common questions about this add-on.


This theme is available for instant installation via the Concrete5 Marketplace. You can also choose to download and "manually" install the theme.

Read the step-by-step instructions for using our themes.



If you would like us to install the theme for you, we offer this service for $20.

Theme customisation is also available upon request. Request a quote.


Advanced Tips:

The background image can be replaced with any image of your choice. Simply use the "Background Image" custom page attribute and select a new file from your File Manager. If you leave that field blank, a default background image will be used.

See answers to common questions about this add-on