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This is useful in determining whether a certain Add-on has problems or whether it is in conflict with other Add-ons.

  1. Change the theme of your Concrete5 website to the default "Plain Yogurt" theme. Clear your C5 cache and see if the Add-on works as expected if so then the theme you were using causes the Add-on to malfunction. You can then ask the original developer of that theme to investigate it for you.
  2. If Step 1 is ok, create a test page without any existing Add-on aside from the one you want to test. Check if the Add-on is misbehaving, if not then most likely it is the other Add-ons that are causing the conflict. To pinpoint which Add-on is the culprit try adding all the Add-ons one-by-one on top of the misbehaving Add-on then if you find out the which Add-on is in conflict contact the original developer and have them investigate it.