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I've been developing websites for a long time and am always on the lookout for new ways to add more "wow" factor to websites. Clients like this. But I've found most "wow effects" tend to have severe side-effects.

Flash-based websites look great, but they take ages to build (and therefore cost more for the client), they're not very SEO friendly, and difficult to manage.

Now you can get the "wow" factor of a Flash-based website, without sacrificing performance or search engine friendliness. Simply choose any video from YouTube, and make it your page background - that's right, high quality full screen playback. And best of all - it's SUPER EASY!

If you're a web developer, I guarantee this add-on will enable you to charge more for your website development services. Your client's jaw will hit the floor and you'll be a superhero in their eyes. That's how we like it, isn't it? :-)

Download from the Concrete5 Marketplace (Price: $20)


  • Full-screen video playback - overlay any other type of content on top.
  • Automatic looping of video.
  • Simply copy and paste the YouTube video URL.
  • Adjust the video opacity.
  • Mute the video audio if you wish, or play with sound.
  • Control the aspect ratio (4/3 or 16/9).
  • Add a snazzy "raster" overlay effect if you wish.
  • Optionally, display an image from the File Manager while the video is loading.


With audioWithout audio | Sidebar (element only) | Raster effect | Minimal Opacity