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Add an interactive voting system to your website in just seconds with Thumbs Up. It is extremely powerful and flexible, yet easy to use for even Concrete5 novices.

Thumbs Up gives you 3 integration options: "plain" so you can add a voting widget anywhere on your site, "single image" to make it easy to vote for 1 image, or "multiple image" so you can create a whole gallery with voting widgets.

On top of that you have restriction options to cover any situation: by device (using cookies), by IP address, by C5 user or no restrictions for unlimited voting. If you operate a membership website or intranet, you can also force users to login in order to vote.

You have complete control of the layout for images and can choose to display image titles and descriptions and place those anywhere around the image. With automated image resizing and cropping along with optional lightbox, your images will look stunning every time. With "multiple image" mode you can choose between a grid or list layout and even customise  borders and spacing between images.

When you've finished, you can "close" the voting to prevent further vote submissions. 

Best of all, all the submissions are tracked in a Dashboard report so you can compare the performance of different voting blocks all from 1 page. The report can be filtered by the open/close status and individual block names.  


What can you use Thumbs Up for? Just about anything, but here are a few ideas:

- Regular competitions: ask visitors to vote for the best photo/product/service/entry/joke/etc and limit the votes by device, then the winner with the most votes wins a prize.

- Music/movie competition: ask your visitors what music/movies they like best.

- Feedback: ask customers what they like or don't like about your business or organisation.

- Future product development: if you're not sure what your customers will buy, ask them! Then based on the feedback provided you will be guaranteed a positive response.

- E-commerce social credibility: in your e-commerce site include a voting widget with each product so your customers can see what other customers like (or don't like). This helps to add credibility to your online store.

- Build an email list or customer base: use the optional restriction by "user" to force visitors to register on your website in order to vote. In conjunction with the competition strategy, you can build up a customer base (and email list) quickly.

Go ahead and purchase this add-on. Your website visitors will be give you the "thumbs up" of approval!

Download from the Concrete5 Marketplace ($30)


  • 6 different voting button styles
  • 3 different modes: simple, single image, multiple image
  • complete control of title and thumb widget placement
  • automatic thumbnail resizing and cropping (optional)
  • enable lightbox for photos
  • close off voting with just 1 click
  • with multiple images control layout with: grid or list
  • complete customisation of grid sizing and border colour
  • restrict voting: per device (cookies), per IP address, per C5 user or no restriction
  • optionally require users to be logged in to your website to vote
  • power users can control the button labels and even wording of confirmation message.
  • help tab with button samples, and syntax guide for customising message.
  • dashboard report to view voting results quickly and easily
  • dashboard setting page to set default restrictions
  • extremely flexible and easy to use



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