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Easily add a "floating" static footer area to any page. Using the standard "content" block, you can add text, images and links easily. In addition, the background colouring can be easily adjusted along with the footer opacity. It is ideal for displaying news, announcements, social media icons/links or contact details. The possibilities are endless. Simple but effective.

Download from the Concrete5 Marketplace ($15)


  • Add any text, images and links using the standard "content" block
  • Adjust the height of footer
  • Easily change the background colour of the footer
  • Control the opacity of the footer
  • Turn rounded corners on or off
  • Height of page is automatically increased to compensate for static footer to prevent overlap of content/links at bottom of your page.
  • 10 custom block templates included: metallic grey, metallic blue, metallic green, black faded, white faded, grass, grass on black, social 3 icons, social 8 icons and social like & tweet.
  • Social icon block templates integrate with AddThis service (free 3rd party) to allow visitors to your site easily share pages.

Power Tips:

If you're looking for social media icons to add to your Static Footer (like Facebook and Twitter), check out FindIcons.com.

You can make your own block template and use any background image to create a really cool, customised style.

With a bit of HTML/PHP coding, you can make your own custom social icon combination. Refer to AddThis' API guide.


See the static footer at the bottom of this page.

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This is an example Static Footer using a Social block template. Follow C5extras on Twitter Twitter