» Snowflakes

A really simple way to add an elegant animation to your website, with gentle falling snowflakes. But that's not all! You can select from 6 different animations: snowflakes, ash, butterflies, party circles, flares and rain.

If you only want a little snow, you can control the amount of snow appearing. Don't you wish you could control the real weather like that?

Download from the Concrete5 Marketplace ($15)


  • Smooth, Javascript animation - no Flash used!
  • 6 different effects to choose from: snowflakes, ash, butterflies, party circles, flares and rain
  • Control the number of snowflakes on the page at any one time
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Advanced users can create their own effects. Simply replace the PNG images in this block


See the falling snowflakes on this page (we used a dark colour, since the white snowflakes are harder to see on a white background!). Also check out an example of "party circles".

Demonstration Video


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