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The built-in "Register" and "Login" pages are good, but if you want even more flexibility and power, the User Register Pro block allows you to give your visitors the ability to register on your website from ANY page.

You are now in complete control with 18 options offering an unlimited number of configuration combinations. These include many unique features which are not offered by the core "Register" page in C5. And best of all these can be set on a block-by-block basis rather than globally accross the entire website.

Check out the demonstration video for a full explaination of all the options. This block will become an essential tool in your Concrete5 artillary - guaranteed!

Download from the Concrete5 Marketplace ($15)


  • Change all options on a block-by-block basis
  • Redirect a user to a specic page after registration and after login
  • Send an email to the site admin upon user registration (with customisable email address)
  • Send an email to the user upon registration (with a customisable message)
  • Display a customisable message if the user is already logged in
  • Add the user to a specific user group upon registration
  • Change the signup method: Signup and go, email validation and approve manually
  • Multiple layout options including: tabbed and inline
  • Enable or disable captcha
  • Optionally show a 'logout' link if the user is already logged in
  • Optional password recovery form
  • Optionally hide each tab if the user is already logged in for smart display options
  • Control the button captions


Demonstration Video


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