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Get the full details on a beautiful photo but without the need to load a pop-up window or even an overlay. This is the ideal way to display a detailed photo which allows your audience to interact and highlight specific parts. And best of all it makes the best of of space, so it won't cramp your lovely site design.

There are lots of flexible options, such as a "normal" or "reverse" zoom overlay, and you can easily adjust the thumbnail and zoom sizes.

This add-on will give you a site a professional, polished feel, but without the high price tag.

Download from the Concrete5 Marketplace (Price: $15)


  • Choose any image from the File Manager
  • Set thumbnail size, with automatic caching for improved performance
  • Choose from "standard" or "reverse" zoom type (see examples below)
  • Easily control the zoom size, as well as opacity of thumbnail image (during mouse hover)
  • Add a fade effect when showing and hiding the zoom box (in addition, control the speed of the fading effect)
  • Optionally, show a neat pre-loading animation with customisable text
  • Position the zoom box where you want it: right, left, top or bottom
  • Choose to show or hide the zoom "lens"
  • Size of lens is automatically adjusted based on the zoom size and relative size to full image
  • Optionally show the image "title" from the File Manager
  • NEW: show multiple thumbnails PLUS 1 large image on the same page (images pulled from fileset), with 3 block templates


"Standard" zoom with left zoom box, slow fade effect, plus image title.

"Reverse" zoom with top zoom box, fast fade effect and no title.

"Standard" zoom with bottom zoom box, no fade effect, no lens, and no pre-loading message.

"Reverse" zoom with dark overlay, medium speed fade effect, and custom loading message.

Images from fileset with large version (500px). Ideally, all the large images should be the same size, but it can still work with different sizes (like this example).


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