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Make it easy for your visitors to browse your website in style. The iPud Menu is 2 different style menus in 1 package. You get a standard "flyout" style drop-down menu PLUS an iPod-style compact menu. Both are designed for streamlined use on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

You can add a virtually unlimited number of page levels, so it's perfect for both small and large websites. The menus supports keyboard navigation (arrow keys) and includes 24 built-in skins using jQuery's UI.

Download from the Concrete5 Marketplace ($15)


  • 2-in-1 menu styles (flyout and iPod)
  • Works in all web browsers (including Internet Explorer 6)
  • 24 skins (with live skin examples)
  • Supports keyboard navigation (arrow keys)
  • Works perfectly on iPhone/iPad, Android and other mobile devices
  • Easily add a login/logout link at the end of your menu
  • For iPod-style menu, show either breadcrumb at top of menu or "back" button at bottom
  • Adjust the start button text
  • Easily adjust the height and width of the menu
  • Control the speed of the menu animation
  • Automatic collission detection for flyout menu - it will automatically control the position if it's too close to the edge of the page
  • Designers: each element has a unique class so you can create custom styles for each menu item


Available skins:




Example 1) Flyout menu


Example 2) iPod menu with breadcrumb

Like this menu?

Example 3) iPod Menu with back button

My Snazzy Menu

Demonstration Video: