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An elegant, sophisticated animation for your website that will make it sizzle like a hot summer's day.

This is the ideal way to display featured content, news or other mini banners with extreme flexibility. The carousel moves each item in a circular rotation (thus the name) and it automatically loops around. You have a huge amount of control over the speed of the animation, animation effect, number of visible items and even the direction of the carousel - vertical or horizontal!

The core script is only 2KB so it's lightning fast, and the animation works on all browsers, including iPad/iPhone.

The best feature is an innovative custom style builder which integrates with Google Web Fonts, so you can choose from over 400+ web-friendly fonts, along with different sizes and colours. Absolutely no programming or technical know-how required. Just point-and-click.

It's just so beautiful and so easy to use. Just get it now!... you'll be glad you did.

Download from the Concrete5 Marketplace ($15)


  • Works on all browsers (including iPad/iPhone)
  • Supports vertical and horizontal animation
  • Add as many carousel items as you wish
  • Select images from the File Manager
  • Optional automatic resizing and/or cropping of images
  • Easily link individual "slides" to any page on your website (using the built-in Sitemap)
  • Easily enter an optional "title and "description" for each slide
  • Choose from 7 transition speeds and 12 animation speeds
  • It even support disabling the auto-scroll feature (if you wish to make your own custom "previous" and "next" links)
  • 10 animation effects available (including "bounce in")
  • Control the number of carousel items visible at one time
  • Easily adjust the number of carousel items that move with each animation (eg. move 1 item at a time or move 3 at a time, it's up to you!)
  • Support for mouse wheel scroll control of carousel
  • 3 basic built-in styles or use the awesome custom style builder
  • Choose from over 450 fonts thanks to Google Web Fonts
  • Also independantly set the size & colour of the "title" and "description"
  • Includes some sample code snippets for CSS designers if you wish to completely control the styling of the carousel.


When selecting a Google Web Font, it is only visible once you refresh the page (as the modified code is placed in the "head" of the web page. However, a link to preview and search through the Google Web Fonts is included in the editor interface.

When adding multiple images, it looks best when using images that are the same size. So we've included support for automatic resizing and cropping of images.


Advanced Tips:

If you want 100% control over the styling of the Carousel Pro, you've got it. Some sample code snippets are included in the editor interface, along with examples of how to create your own custom "previous" and "next" links for manual control over the carousel. This could be used for creating a slideshow-style animation (eg. 1 slide at a time).


Example 1) Default styling and animation effect

  • I love Carousel Pro
    Yeah, it's so awesome. I'm so glad I've got it.
  • News Headline
    You can use it for featured news on your home page
  • Featured Products
    It's also a good way to attract attention
  • Unrivalled Flexibility
    You can control everything so easily

Example 2) 'Back In & Out' animation and custom style with Google Web Fonts

Example 3) Horizontal carousel with images only

Example 4) 'Bounce Out' animation with automatically cropped & resized images

Demonstration Video: