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Mobile App theme Power Tips

For those users familiar with HTML and CSS, you can do some pretty neat things with this theme. Here's a few tips:

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Link to an external website.

Use the target="_webapp" within your link code to link to an external page. Example:

<a href="http://c5extras.com" target="_webapp">Visit C5extras.com</a>

Top right buttons

Use the class="button" within the link in the "button top" editable area (top-right corner of mobile page) to create a nicely formatted button.

<a class="button" href="http://c5extras.com">Home</a>

Link to a phone number

Use the tel:000 format for a link (replace "000" with a phone number - dashes are ok). It will use the mobile device's built-in phone features. If using an iPad (or other non-phone device), the phone number will be added as a contact to your address book.

<a href="tel:555123456789">Call me now</a>

Button link

Use the following classes on any link to turn them into a coloured button: whiteButtonredButtongreyButton.

<a href="http://c5extras.com" class="whiteButton">Visit c5extras.com</a>
<a href="http://cnn.com" class="redButton">Read news</a>
<a href="http://google.com" class="greyButton">Google</a>

Developers can view the source code of BeeDesks' jqTouch demo to get more tips for formatting the mobile web app.