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This template also includes the Scroller add-on to keep the height of the page nice and small. You can optionally leave this turned off if you wish.

The awesome new Mega Menu add-on is also bundled which is perfect for any sized website.

The banner graphic above is just a placeholder (and is included with the template), but you can change it with any other image you wish. The ideal size is 960px width.

3 bonus icons are included with the theme (these will need to be uploaded to your File Manager):



The logo area, navigation menu and headings use the Cuprum font thanks to the Google Web Fonts API. For the logo area, you can easily make your own personlised logo just by using H1 formatting text (and use "bold" for the red effect), then H2 formatted text for the slogan line.









And of course for Webkit-based browsers (Google Chrome & Safari), the background on the left, right and bottom of the page is an interactive drawing canvas. Just move your mouse around! Sorry, Firefox and IE aren't quite up to speed. If you're not using Google Chrome, check it out.

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This is an example of the Default page type which includes a right sidebar. The Full page type naturally has no sidebar.